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Fozhi Huazhang

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Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Fozhi Huazhang'

Chinese Name:佛植华章

Japanese Name



Fozhi Huazhang  Fozhi Huazhang (C. azalea x C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'). China Regn. #2022-354. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2022, No.4, p.47.

Fozhi Huazhang  Fozhi Huazhang (C. azalea × C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'). Liu Xinkai et al. 2023, Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids that Bloom Year-round, Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House, p.24.


» English Description

Fozhi Huazhang (C. azalea x C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'). China Regn. #2022-354. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2022, No.4, p.47. It was bred and registered by Zhao Hongjie, Xue Kena, Yin Aihua, Zhang Xueping, Tian Xueqin, Tan Jiade, Wang Zhiyun and Luo Zhaorun from Foshan Institute of Forestry (Foshan Botanical Garden). A hybrid between C. azalea and C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'. It bloomed for the first time in 2018. The buds are nearly spherical and the sepals are green. Flowers bright red, semi-double petals to peony type, medium to large flowers, flower diameter 8.5-11.7 cm, petals 22-28, broad inverted ovate, apex nearly rounded, commonly concave, petal surface with obvious veining, petal margin occasionally white stripes, filigree red, anthers yellow. The leaves are dark green, thick leathery, broadly elliptic, the main vein is convex, the lateral veins are distinct, the nearly parallel leaf margin is shallowly serrated, and the apex is bluntly pointed. The plant is compact, densely foliage, and vigorously grows. Flowering takes place from July to early November.

Fozhi Huazhang (C. azalea × C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'). Liu Xinkai et al. 2023, Illustrations of the New Camellia Hybrids that Bloom Year-round, Zhejiang Science and Technology Publishing House, p.24. HA-01-18., a cross seedling (Fozhi -No.1) of C. azalea × C. japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'. Flowers bright red, semi-double to peony form, medium to large size, 8.5-11.7cm across and 5.0cm deep, 22-28 large petals arranged in 3-4 rows, petals broad obovate, deep veins visible, occasionally with white stripes edged at petal apices, filaments red, anthers yellow. Leaves dark green, heavy leathery, broad elliptic, margins shallowly serrate. Plant compact and growth vigorous. Starts to bloom from summer, fully blooms from autumn and sporadically in winter. The cultivar name means “Foshan Botanical Garden’s Brilliant Works”.

» Chinese Description

佛植华章Camellia 'Fozhi Huazhang'。中国茶花注册号:2022-348.《中国花卉园艺》2022年第4期第47页。由佛山市林业科学研究所 (佛山植物园)的赵鸿杰、薛克娜、殷爱华、张学平、田雪琴、谭家得、王志云、罗昭润培育并登录。该品种是以杜鹃红山茶(C. azalea)为母本、克瑞墨大牡丹(Camelliajaponica 'Kramer's Supreme')为父本杂交而得。2018年首次开花。花蕾近球形,萼片绿色。花艳红色,半重瓣型至牡丹型,中到大型花,花径8.5 -11.7厘米,花瓣22-28枚,阔倒卵形,先端近圆,常见凹缺,瓣面有明显脉纹,瓣缘偶有白色条纹,花丝红色,花药黄色。叶片深绿色,厚革质,阔椭圆形,主脉凸出,侧脉明显,近平行叶缘锯齿浅,先端钝尖。植株紧凑,枝叶稠密,生长旺盛。花期7-11月初。

佛植华章 Camellia Fozhi Huazhanq’ 。刘信凯、钟乃盛、柯欢、武艳芳主编,2023,《第二部四季茶花杂交新品种彩色图集》,浙江科学技术出版社,第24页。 HA-01-18.杂交组合:杜鹃红山茶×红山茶品种克瑞墨大牡丹,杂交苗编号:Fozhi -No.1。花朵艳红色,半重瓣型至牡丹型,中型至大型花,花径8.5-11.7cm,厚5.0cm,大花瓣22-28枚,呈3-4轮排列,花瓣阔倒卵形,先端近圆,瓣面有明显脉纹,先端瓣缘偶有白色条纹,花丝红色,花药黄色。叶片浓绿色,厚革质,阔椭圆形,长8.0-9.0cm,宽4.4-5.5cm,主脉凸起,侧脉明显,近平行,叶缘锯齿浅,先端钝尖。植株紧凑,枝叶稠密,生长旺盛。夏季始花,秋季盛花,冬季零星开花。


Flower Size8.5-11.7 cm

Blooming Season7-11 Month China