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Giardino Petraia

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Year Published/Registered1858

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Giardino Petraia'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



General Petreya  Vanderbilt, 1940, Camellia Research, p.4. Orthographic error for Giardino Petraia.

Giadino Petraja  Charles Vuysteke Catalogue, 1891. Orthographic error for Giardino Petraia.

Giardina Petrazzo  Auguste van Geert, 1863-1864, Catalogue, No.54, p.39. Orthographic error for Giardino Petraia.

Giardino della Petraja  Scarlatti Catalogue, 1888. Orthographic variant for Giardino Petraia.

Giardino Petraja  Jean Verschaffelt, 1860-1861, Price List, p.13. Orthographic variant for Giardino Petraia.

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» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1858, 72:13: Very large flower, imbricated, soft rose striped with white. Verschaffelt, 1860, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book I, pl.IV as ‘Giardino Petraja’: Resembling Corradino by the size of its blossoms, arrangement and colouring, this variety, which is a perfection, is distinguished by its petals, somewhat less numerous and larger, more deeply emarginate, the centre of each longitudinally intersected by a pale, pink stripe set off by the deeper backgound. Sent to us by Cesar Franchetti in 1858. Orthographic errors and variants: ‘Giardino Petraja’, ‘Giardino Petreya’, ‘Giardino della Petraja’, ‘Giardino Petrajzo’, ‘Giardino Petraja’, ‘Giardino Petrazzo’, ‘Giardina Petrazzo’.


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