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Guifei Zuijiu

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Year Published/Registered1985

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Guifei Zuijiu'

Chinese Name:贵妃醉酒

Japanese Name



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Chen, Shao Yun, 1985, Camellias from Zhejiang, p.73-74, Small tree with compact crown. Leaf thick and hard, dark green, irregularly obovate; Petiole purple-red; Margin internally buckled; Apex convex; Base broad cuneate, some leaves scattered with yellow spots; Midrid obvious on both side of leaves, the lateral veins concave, and small veins  not obvious. Flower anomone to peony type, deep red, slightly rose-purple, 9-10 cm in diameter. Petals arranged in 3-5 rows, 20-26, round in shape, slightly inwardly buckled with 10-150 petaloids, in 4-5 bunches, which have pink lines on the petals, some remain stamens clustered in the petaloids. about 50-100. Flower buds heart-shaped, gradually turning from light green-yellow to brown, densely covered with yellow-white fine hairs, which are easy to fall off. Bracts 12-13. Flowering late, beginning to bloom in late March. Originated in Sichuan of China. Some places in China also call it as Zuiyangfei, but it is deep red and peony form, and quite different from Pink 'Zuiyangfei'

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