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Hainan Daye

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Year Published/Registered1990

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis var. assamica 'Hainan Daye'

Chinese Name:海南大叶种

Japanese Name



华茶16号  农业部农业司,中国农业科学院茶叶研究所. 1990. 《中国茶树优良品种集》32-33页。

海南种  农业部农业司,中国农业科学院茶叶研究所. 1990. 《中国茶树优良品种集》32-33页。

GSCT16  Ministry of Agriculture and Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 1990. Collection on the improved tea varieties in China. p.32-33


» English Description

 Ministry of Agriculture and Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 1990. Collection on the improved tea varieties in China. p.32-33

Alternative name: Hainan variety. Jat variety.Arbor type. Large-leaf size. Early-sprouting.

         Originated in the region of Wuzi Mountain (Hainan province). It ismainly distributed in the tea area of Hainan province.

         Plant high with higher branching position. Semi-opened shaped withsparse branching. Leaves inclined upwards. Length 9.8%13.6 cm (maximum lengthof leaf 24.3 cm), width 4.5~5.5 cm. Oblong or ovary m shape with acuminate tip.Surface of leaf protruding and inflexing, yellow-green in color. Rather thickand glossy. With waved margin as well as deep and sparse serrations. Thesprouting period in the spring season in Hainan province appears in the middleof February. The peak period of shoots with one bud and three leaves stage appearsin the third ten days of February. With sparse sprouting density and potentsprouting ability. Shoots stout with weaker tendernesskeeping ability.Yellow-green m color with few hairs. The peak period of flowering stage appearsin the middle of November. The bearing percentage is rather low.

         Rather high yielding. The average yield of made tea in those 4 teaplantations situated in the Tongshen and Lingxia counties of Hainan provinceaveraged 165.5 kg per mu. Among these, the yields in the high-yielding teagarden averaged %52.5 kg per mu.

         According to the analysis conducted by the Tea Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the contents of caffeine in the onebud and two leaves shoots in spring season averaged 4.4%, amino acids 2.26%,tea polyphenols 35.36%, total catechins 207.62 mg/g. Suitable t manufacture the broken black tea,it showed strong and brisk taste, reddish and bright liquor, but the appearanceshow less bloom and its hairs not so obvious.

         Suitable to popularize in the tea area of Hainan province and othersouthern part of China for the manufacture of black tea.

         It is recommended to select the land with deep and fertile soil layerand to pluck in time and increase the applied amounts of fertilizers.

» Chinese Description

农业部农业司,中国农业科学院茶叶研究所. 1990. 《中国茶树优良品种集》.32-33页。

华茶16(GSCT16)   海南大叶种  又称海南种。

有性繁殖系品种。乔木型,大叶类,早芽种。   原产海南省五指山一带,主要分布在海南茶区。  

植株高大,分枝部位高,分枝稀疏,树姿半开张。叶片呈稍上斜着生,叶 片长9.8~13.6cm(最大叶片长24.3cm),宽4.5~5.5cm,叶形椭圆、长椭圆或 卵圆,叶尖渐尖,叶面隆起,叶身稍内折,叶色黄绿,有光泽,叶片较厚,叶 缘微波,叶齿稀深。春芽萌发期当地在2月中旬,一芽三叶盛期在2月下旬。发 芽密度稀,育芽能力强,持嫩性较差,芽叶较肥壮,黄绿色,茸毛少。盛花期 11月中旬,结实率较低。   


据中国农业科学院茶叶研究所分析,春茶一芽二叶鲜叶含咖啡碱4.4%,氨基酸2.26%,茶多酚35.36%,儿茶素总量207.62mg/g。适制红碎茶,滋味 浓强,汤色红艳,但外形欠乌润和毫欠显。  




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