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Year Published/Registered1954

Cultivar Type:For Tea

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis 'Hatsu-midori'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name:初緑 はつみどり



鹿緑原5号  旧系統名:鹿緑原5号

茶農林20号  農林認定品種(茶農林20号)


» English Description

Hatsu-midori. (C. sinensis). Registered in 1954. Selected from the seedlings of original Japanese tea introduced from Mie Prefecture. Use for Japanese green tea. Kagoshima Pref.

[Agriculture registration] Tea Norin 20

[Product registration] None

[Characteristics] The color of the first tea leaves is slightly yellowish. Triploid (2n=45).

[Developer] Kagoshima Prefectural Tea Experiment Station (Currently Kagoshima Prefectural Agricultural Development Center Tea Industry Department)

[History] In 1933, the Kagoshima Tea Research Station ordered seeds from Mie Prefecture and selected from the seedling group that was raised. It was tested in the original tree determination test under the strain name of Rokuryobara No. 5 and was found to be excellent. In 1954, it was registered as Tea Norin 20 and was named'Hatsumidori'.

[Early] Early life. The germination period is about 7 days earlier than'Yabukita' and the plucking period is 3-5 days earlier.

[Morphological characteristics] The tree is slightly upright. The vigor is strong and the stocking is a little good. The number of buds is a little high and the weight of one hundred buds is a little large. In warm winter years, the tea leaves are the most yellowish green, and the green is difficult to spread.

[Rooting of cuttings] A little inferior to'Yabukita'.

[Goodness of initial growth] Slightly inferior to'Yabukita'.

[Tailoring method for young trees] According to'Yabukita*'.

[Yield] Yield is slightly less than'Yabukita', slightly high yield to moderate.

[Quality] The quality of green tea is medium. Ichizawa is the most brown and has a slightly yellowish tint. The inside quality is moderately light yellow with no characteristic fragrance and nourishment.

[Cold resistance] Cold resistance in winter is moderately strong, and it is suitable for laceration type frost damage.

[Insect resistance] It is moderate in anthrax disease and strong in ring spot disease. Slightly weak for the scale bug.

[Suitable for cultivation] Warm and warm areas where there is no late frost damage.

[Processing characteristics] Slightly yellowish color remains on the tips of new shoots, and slightly yellowish color appears in Akizawa.

» Japanese Description

初緑(Hatsu-midori)     はつみどり    旧系統名:鹿緑原5号。公表日:1954。 煎茶用1954年登録農林認定品種(茶農林20号)三重県から導入した実生






【早晩性】早生。萌芽期はやぶきたよりも7日程度早ぐ, 摘採期は35日程度早い。












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