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Year Published/Registered1831

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Hosackii'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Flosackii  Harrison, ed.1836, The Floricultural Cabinet. Orthographic error for Hosackii.

Hoosakia  Prince & Co. Catalogue, 1844, p.104. Orthographic error for Hosackii.

Hosachiana  Bosse, Handbuch der Blumengartnerei, p.444. Orthographic error for Hosackii.

Hosachii  Fratelli Rovelli, 1852, Catalogue, p.19. Orthographic error for Hosackii.

Hosackia  Anonymous, 1831, Annales de la Société Horticulture de Paris, 8:188-189. Orthographic error for Hosackii.

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» English Description

Revue Horticole,1829,Vol.1,p.452, as 'Hosackia'. Anonymous, 1831, Annales de la Société Horticulture de Paris 8:188-189 as ‘Hosackia’: From seeds of the old Double Red, (Rubra Plena) planted 1823, flowered 1827 and presented by Floy of the New York Horticultural Society, Jan.17, 1830. Michael Floy & Sons, 1832, Catalogue, p.55: Fine, double scarlet. Hosacks. Berlèse, 1835, Annales de la Société Horticulture de Paris, 16:212: Originated by Floy. This flower is more than 10 cm across, very double and a dazzling scarlet colour. It opens with regularity and when entirely open is quite flat; it lasts a long time without fading. The outer petals are broad, those of the centre are small, short and united in fasciciles, sometimes with tints of white stripes. Orthographic errors: ‘Hosakiae’, ‘Hosackia’, ‘Hoosakia’, ‘Hosachii’, ‘Hosakii’, ‘Hosakiana’, ‘Hosackii’, ‘Hosachii’.


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