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Huawu Nishang

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Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia pitardii ‘Huawu Nishang’

Chinese Name:花舞霓裳

Japanese Name



» English Description

Huawu Nishang(C. pitardii). CCRN2022006. This cultivar wasregistered by Zhou Li, Song Chunyan and Yin Youhui from the Chongqing NanshanBotanical Garden Management Office. Chance seedling of C. pitardii. Theflowers are light red, peony-shaped, with a faint rose fragrance; largeflowers, flower diameter 10cm-11cm, flower thickness 5cm-7cm, large petals 2-3rounds oval, slightly rolled backwards, the center petals occasionally havewhite stripes ; Some stamens are scattered among them, and the stigma is3-lobed. The leaves are green, elliptic, with acuminate apex, cuneate base,lower tip, slightly wavy leaf margin, 8cm~9cm long, 4cm~4.5cm wide. Leaf teethshallow and sparse. The plant is compact, the branches and leaves are dense,the growth is vigorous, and the flowering period is from January to April.

» Chinese Description

花舞霓裳Camellia pitardii ‘HuawuNishang’,编号CCRN2022006.该品种由重庆市南山植物园管理处的周利、宋春艳、尹有惠登录。从西南红山茶播种实生苗中选育。花朵浅红色,牡丹型,有淡淡的玫瑰香味;大型花,花径10cm11cm,花朵厚5cm~7 cm,大花瓣2~3轮椭圆形,略向后反卷,中心花瓣偶有白色条纹;部分雄蕊散生其间,柱头3裂。叶片绿色,椭圆形,先端渐尖,基部楔形,叶尖下湾,叶缘略波状,长8cm~9cm,宽4cm~4.5cm。叶齿浅稀。植株紧凑,枝叶茂密,生长旺盛,花期1~4月。


Flower Size10-11 cm

Blooming Season1-4 Month China