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Year Published/Registered1699

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Ise-tsubaki'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Renge-tsubaki Yashiro, 1841, Kokon Yōrankō, vol.306, Ichijima reprint, 1906, p.344. (Lotus Flower Camellia). Cited from Honzō Kōmoku Keimō, (1810). Synonym for Ise-tsubaki as ‘Sekiryū-cha’. Chinese reading: ‘Shiliu Cha’.

Shih Liu Cha Ono. 1803, Honzō Kōmoku Keimō.Different reading: ‘Shiliu Cha’. Japanese reading: ‘Sekiryū-cha’, synonym for Ise-tsubaki.

Zakuro-cha Iwasaki, 1829, Honzō Zufu. Yashiro, 1841, Kokon Yōrankō, vol.306. Cited from Honzō Kōmoku Keimō, 1803:Different reading ‘Sekiryū-cha’. Synonym for Ise-tsubaki, ‘Renge- tsubaki’. Possible synonym for Zakuro in Kadan Chikinshō, 1695. See: JCS., Tsubaki, 1981, No.20, p.103.


» English Description

Chinka Zufu, (before 1700), Watanabe, 1969, pl.278; Sakuden, 1630, Hyakuchinshū, together with 'Yamato-sangai', as popular names for his 'Iroteruyama'. However in the Chinka Zufu illustrations, 'Ise-tsubaki' and 'Yamato-sangai' are completely dif­ferent and neither resemble the modern Ise-tsubaki. If the Chinka Zufu illustration is taken as the type, it is an anemone form with 5 outer petals of dark crimson surrounding a compact, petaloid centre of the same colour with some stamens intermixed. Originated in Japan. Chen's Hiden Kakyo, date unknown (1672-1900) gives 'Renge-tsubaki' as a synonym for 'Ise-tsubaki' which has the Chinese name of 'Shiliu Cha'. Synonym: 'Sekiryu-cha', according to the Honzō Kōmoku Keimō. For this see Yashiro, 1841, Kokon Yōrankō, vol.306 and JCS., 1981, Tsubaki, No.20, p.l03. All are now believed to be extinct.