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J. C. Williams

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1940

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'J. C. Williams'

Chinese Name:广东花

Japanese Name



Weilianmusi Shancha  Gao, Jiyin, 2007, The Identification....Outstanding Camellias, p.420; Chinese synonym for the England C.x williamsii J.C. Williams

广东花  茶花林目录,1992-2006,p.13/28,No.584.


» English Description

Lord Aberconway, 1940, Journal of RHS, 65(7) :217, fig.62: In 1942 the plant was awarded a First Class certificate. A report of this with an accompanying description and a black and white photo were published in RHS., Journal, 67(6) :210, fig.67, 1942. The par­ents of this hybrid, which was raised by the late Mr. J.C. Williams, Caerhays Castle, Cornwall, England, were pale coloured forms of C.saluenensis and C.japonica. The flower is 10 cm across with 6-8 spreading, somewhat recurved petals of phlox-pink, shading to fuchsine-pink and a central cluster of golden stamens. The plant is remarkable for the freedom with which it pro­duces flowers, the buds opening in succession over a long period. Following the release of this cultivar a number of similar plants were distributed under this name, mostly sister seedlings of the same cross. These were given appelations such as 'Exbury form', 'Wisley form', 'Early form' but the name J.C. Williams must be restricted to the original F.C.C. clone described in the original references cited above. One of the similar forms was named Philippa Forwood. A colour illustration of J.C. Williams is on the front cover of Camellias. A Wisley Handbook, 1959 and facing p.216, American Camellia Yearbook, 1951. In 1977 it received an Award of Merit from the RHS. Chinese synonym ‘Weilianmusi Shancha’

» Chinese Description

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.135.

J. C. Williams 广东花(C. x Williamsii)威廉斯茶。1940,英国,CornwallMr J.C. Williams。单瓣、粉红色、中轮(10cm)、花瓣6~8枚、金色雄蕊。花名:育种者的名字(J.C.威廉斯)。

J.C. Williams (广东花)一茶花林目录,1992-2006,p.13/28,No.584.


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season United Kingdom