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Jaime Escofet

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Year Published/Registered2014

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Jaime Escofet'

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C. Salinero, P. Vela, A. Barros, 2014. Publicación de la Asociación Española de la Camelia (issue 25, p.46, 2014) with photos and detailed description, edited by the Spanish Camellia Society. Originated by Jaime Escofet, Valga, Pontevedra, Spain. It was obtained from seed by Jaime Escofet in 2000. It first bloomed in 2005. It was propagated by cuttings and graft. It was registered by Estacion Fitopatoloxica de Areeiro and Jaime Escofet. FLOWER Size: medium, 7-10 cm in diameter and 3-4.5 cm depth; Colour: intense pink, (58 B, purple red group RHS colour chart); inner petals streaked with pale rose; Shape: semi double to rose form. Petals: 14-16, external petals ovate, inner irregular; with cordate or notched margin. Petaloids: only occasionally, between 0-3, the same colour of the petals or bright pink, striped. Stamen: around 20, dispersed and deformed, usually soldered to petals. LEAF: medium to large, 8-12 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, dark green, lanceolate, Margin: dentate; Apex: pointed; Base: acute. PLANT Habit Shrub, rapid and open growth. Blooming period: mid-season, short; starts in February and ends in April. Flower falls whole. Other data: Location: Valga and Estacion Fitopatoloxica de Areeiro. Register number in the Collection of the Diputacion de Pontevedra: 1082.


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Blooming Season Spain