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Jeffrey Hood

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1971

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Jeffrey Hood'

Chinese Name:胡德

Japanese Name



Hude  Shao, Taichong, 1992, The Observations from the Camellia World, No.225, p.69. Chinese synonym for the USA C.japonica Jeffrey Hood.

杰福利  陈念舟,1987,杜鹃谷花园目录,p.2. No.17.

大清王朝  茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.13/28, No.280.

贞雷帽  新竹市茶花产销斑目录,2002-2006, p.58, J29.

胡德  高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,P.49, No.1.


» English Description

American Camellia Yearbook, 1971, p.47, Reg. No.1131: A 12 year old chance C.japonica seedling that first bloomed 1965. Originated by M.D. Hood, Texarkana, Arkansas, USA. Plant growth is open and rapid in rate with dark green leaves, 13 cm long x 7.5 cm wide. The anemone form flower is up to 15 cm across and 7.5 cm deep. The colour is deep pink with pink anthers and white filaments. It has 14 petals and 14 petaloids. Early blooming. For colour photo see Macoboy, 1981, The Colour Dictionary Of Camellias, p.96 and front cover ACS., 1970, The Camellia Journal, vol.25, No.2.

» Chinese Description

高继银、苏玉华、胡羡聪,2007. 《国内外茶花名种识别与欣赏》,第121页。美国阿肯色州M.D.Hood先生培育。花深粉红色,泛淡粉红色调,半重瓣型至托桂型,大到巨型花,最大花径可达15cm,花瓣宽圆,略呈波浪状,瓣面可见红色脉纹,花心雄蕊筒状,花丝和花药黄色,有时出现小花瓣,花朵稠密。叶片浓绿色,椭圆形,光亮,植株开张,生长旺盛。花期早至中。

朱國棟、蔡燦玉,2011. 《台灣茶花族譜》,p.138.

Jeffrey Hood 大清王朝(C. japonica)红山茶。1971,美国阿肯色州Texarkana,M.D. Hood12年自然实生苗,初花1965年。半重瓣~唐子、深粉红色、巨大(15 x 7.5cm)、花瓣约14枚、少量瓣状蕊、花期12月、树性横张、长势强。花名:人名(杰弗里•胡德)。

Jeffrey Hood(杰福利)一陈念舟,1987,杜鹃谷花园目录,p.2. No.17.

Jeffrey Hood (大清王朝)一茶花林目录,1992-2006, p.13/28, No.280.

Jeffrey Hood (贞雷帽)—新竹市茶花产销斑目录,2002-2006, p.58, J29.

Jeffrey Hood (胡德)一高继银,1998,世界名贵茶花,P.49, No.1.


Flower Size13-15 cm

Blooming Season12-12 Month United States