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Jinding Dahong

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Year Published/Registered1985

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Jinding Dahong'

Chinese Name:金顶大红

Japanese Name



» English Description

Shanghai Botanical Gardens List, 1985: Large, 10 cm across, scarlet, dense peony form with 10-12 outer guard petals in 2 rows around a domed cen­tre of small, folded, erect petals. Chen, Shao Yun, 1985, Camellias from Zhejiang, p.78, colour photo [p.147]: Petaloids over 50 in 5 fascicles, basally connate, mingled with 6-8 big ones in the centre. Flower type varies; in late season it becomes flat. Normal stamens over 150, scattered with petaloids, pistil degenerate, rarely fertile. Buds almost round, greenish brown. Blooms mid-season to late. Leaves mid-green, long-elliptic, distorted, swollen. Introduced from Sichuan Province in 1962. Originated in China. See photo No.123, Gao & Zhuang, 1989, The Camellia in China, No.227.

» Chinese Description

周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.116。树势强健,成枝力较强,树冠较直立,枝条多向上伸展,节间较短,分枝角度较小;叶椭圆形,先端渐尖,叶基楔形、平展,叶深绿色,叶幕中密,幼树枝姿紧凑,时长6cm~8.5cm,宽3cm~4cm,叶齿较浅;花大红色,牡丹型,花径9cm~11cm,花瓣质地较薄,瓣脉明显,易凋谢,平瓣花,13枚~16枚,排列不规则,有少量雄蕊瓣化瓣与雄蕊相间杂,雄蕊明显突出,花朵稠密,花期2月上句至4月上旬,盛花期3月。该品种对高温、尘埃污染抗性强,可作行道绿化栽机。识别特征:花瓣质薄,易凋谢,树枝直立挺拔。原始产地:重庆


Flower Size9-11 cm

Blooming Season2-4 Month China