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La Grâcieuse

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Chosen by Yves CHAPEL



Year Published/Registered2022

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica ‘la Grâcieuse’

Chinese Name:格拉西乌斯

Japanese Name

Meaning:personal name


» English Description

La Grâcieuse (C. japonica) : European Reg. No 167. First published in International Camellia Journal, 2022, No. 54, p.37. Originated by Fañch Le Moal, Plouisy, France, propagated by itself for the “Chemin de découverte du Camélia” at Grâces. Seedling of C. japonica ‘Lily Pons’ in 2004, first flowering in 2007. Plant: upright and moderate growing, early to mi-season and average,  spent flowers shattering. Flower: formal double, 10 cm in diameter and 5 cm in depth, 60 round petals with entire margin, white ((RHS2015 NN155D) streaked an varigated strong purplish pink (RHS2001 63C),  the flover bud is round oval and green/brown. Leaf: flat oval dark green, 10 x 6 cm in size. Story: The camellia 'La Grâcieuse' is named after the inhabitants of the municipality of Grâces. It is a thank you to the municipality that created the “Chemin de découverte du Camélia”, which has earned and obtained the educational reference label.

» Chinese Description

格拉西乌斯 (C. japonica ‘La Grâcieuse’),首次发表于《国际山茶志》2022年第54期第37页。欧洲注册号167, 产自法国普卢瓦西的Fañch Le Moal格拉塞斯Grâces的山茶花化学公司(Chemin de découverte du Camélia)繁殖2004年从'Lily Pons'的实生苗中选育,2007年首次开花。植株:直立和中等生长率,早花期至中花期,花后花瓣散落。花:完全重瓣型,花径10厘米,花高5厘米,花瓣60片,圆形,全缘,双色,白色底(RHS2015 NN155D),带粉红色(RHS2001 63C)纵条纹,花蕾圆形椭圆形,绿色/棕色。叶:扁卵圆形,深绿色,10厘米长,6厘米宽。名称由来:品种“La grâcieuse”以Grâces市的居民命名。感谢创建“山茶花化学”的市政当局,该城市获得教育参考标签。


Flower Size10-10.5 cm

Blooming Season11-2 Month France