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Lady Bank's

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Year Published/Registered1812

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Lady Bank's'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Alba (Sasanqua)Sweet, 1830, Hortus Britannicus, p.61 as Alba (sesanqua)’. Synonym for Lady Bank’s.

Alba Semiplena Baumann & Baumann, 1829, Collection de Camellias élevés à Bollwieler #14 as ‘Camellia Sesanqua Semi Plena’. Synonym for Lady Bank’s .

Alba Simplex Courtois, 1833, Magazin d’Horticulture, p.317 under C.sasanqua. Synonym for Lady Bank’s.

Albo Semipleno Hovey & Co. Catalogue.1834-1835, p.26. Orthographic variant for Alba Semiplena.

Banks Leng & Bunyard Catalogue, 1933 as a C.sasanqua. Refers to Lady Bank’s .

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» English Description

Aiton, 1812, Hortus Kewensis, 4:235. Imported from China by William Kerr in 1811 for the Royal Gardens, Kew and was brought out by Captain Wellbanks on the East India­man “Cuffnells”. For many years it was erroneously identified as a C.sasanqua. See Sealy, 1958, Monograph, pp.208-209. It was illustrated in Edward’s Botanical Register, 1815, vol.1, pl.12 and also by Chandler & Booth, 1831. pl.5. Synonyms: ‘Lady Bank’s White Sasanqua’, ‘Lady Bank’s Camellia’, ‘Chandler’s Sasanqua’, ‘Sasanqua Alba’, ‘Sasanqua Alba Semi-plena’, ‘Sasanqua’(Lady Banks) ‘Flore Alba Simplex’. Originated in China.