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Leopold 1er ( M. de Coster)

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Year Published/Registered1856

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Leopold 1er ( M. de Coster)'

Chinese Name

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» English Description

Jean Verschaffelt, 1861-1862, Price List, p.22: The very large flowers are firstly uniform pink and bright scarlet with a slight bluing towards the edges of the petals and crimson veins. The perfectly arranged, imbricated petals are very numerous, ample, rounded and deeply indented and outspread. Foliage is oval-lanceolate, acuminate and deep green. Its habit is pyramidal and free-flowering. This cultivar was raised by M. de Coster about 1856, first exhibited Mar. 1861, show of the Société Royal d’Agriculteur et Botanique de Gand for best seedling. It will be put out for sale for the first time in Oct. 1861. Originated by M. de Coster, Belgique. Orthographic variants: ‘Leopold 1º’, ‘Leopold Primer’, ‘Leopold Premier’, ‘Leopold’, ‘Leopold 1’, ‘Leopolde 1’, ‘Leopold the First’.


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Blooming Season Belgium