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Lianpian Tuozhu

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Year Published/Registered1980

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'Lianpian Tuozhu'

Chinese Name:莲片托珠

Japanese Name



Lien-p'ien T'o-chu  Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.23.Different reading for Lianpian Tuozhu.

Lotus Pearl  Bao, 1980, ACS., The Camellia Journal, vol.35, No.2, p.18. Synonym for Lianpian Tuozhu.

Lotus-Petal Supporting-a-Pearl  Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.11. Syn­onym for Lianpian Tuozhu.


» English Description

Yü & Bartholomew, 1980, American Camellia Yearbook, p.11; Savige, 1980, International Camellia Journal, No.12, p.71: A translation given is ‘Lotus Pearl’. The petals of this variety are like those of a lotus in full bloom, while the stamens are like golden pearls held in the centre of the petals. It is named “lianpian”, petals of the lotus, “tuo”, holding; “zhu”, pearls. Feng et al., 1986, Yunnan Camellias of China, p.40: Leaves oblong, apices acuminate, bases cuneate, margins sparsely and shallowly serrate, slightly rugose, 6.5-8 cm long x 2.5-4 cm wide. Flowers pink (RHS.CC.55B) diameter about 12 cm. Petals 17-20, flat, long, outwardly expanded when open. Stamens numerous, clustered around petals. Pistils well developed. Flowers mid-season. The cultivar was selected from an open pollenated plant of wild reticulata in Tengchong. The petals of this cultivar are long and flat, and the flower form looks like a mound of pearls on a lotus petal. Different reading: ‘Lien-pien T’o-chu’. Synonyms: ‘Lotus Pearl’, ‘Lotus Petal Supporting a Pearl’.

» Chinese Description

冯国楣、夏丽芳、朱象鸿,1981.《云南山茶花》,图片p.14。文字描述p.107。莲片托珠(Lianpian Tuozhu) Lotus Pearl.【叶】长椭圆形,长6.5-8厘米,宽2.5-4厘米,先端渐尖,基部楔形,叶缘锯齿浅而稀,脉间叶肉微凸。【花】桃红色(R.H.S.C.C.55B),直径12厘米左右。花瓣17-20片,瓣平而长,花开放时向四周平展。雄蕊多数,围雌蕊环生。雌蕊发育正常。花期1月上旬至3月上旬。本品种系从腾冲红花油茶天然杂交单株中选出。花 瓣长而平展,整个花形极似珍珠堆于莲盘之上。

» Japanese Description

蓮片托珠—Lianpiantuozhu Lotus Pearl Lotus Petal Supportmg-a-Pearl【葉】一一長惰円形。長さ6.5〜8cm,幅2.5〜4cm。 先端は銳先形で,基部はくさび形。葉脈の間の 葉面はわずかに突出する。葉身は平たい。鋸歯 はまばらにつき,浅い。【花】——花形はハス形。開花時は花弁が四方に水 平に展開し,真珠をハスの花の上に積み重ねた 形になる。花色は紫桃色(R.H.S.C.C.55B)。花径 は約12cm。花弁は17〜20枚あり,3〜4重の輪状。に配列する。弁は長くて,平たく,上半分がきわ めてわずかに波曲する。雄ずいは多い。輪状に つき,基部士以下は癒合して筒状になる。雌ず いは発育が正常。結実するが,数は少ない。 花期は1月上旬〜3月上旬。果実期は10月。【参考】——騰冲の雲南紅花油茶林で,自然交雑の 株のなかから選び出した新品種。


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