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Year Published/Registered1841

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Loudonii'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Londoni  van Houtte Catalogue,1852-1853, 48:41. Probably an orthographic error for Loudonii listed by van Houtte in the 1840s, but as it has no description it is not possible to be sure.

Loudon d'Italie  Gheldorf, Const., 1844, Catalogue of Plants and Price List, p.9. Synonym for Loudonii.

Loudon  Burdin Maggiore & Co. Catalogue, 1845, p.42; Thibault Nursery Catalogue, 1845, p.12; Cachet Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.4. Orthographic error for Loudonii.

Lowdon  Isola Madre Catalogue, 1845. Orthographic error for Loudonii.


» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1841, 7:12 as ‘Loudoni’, Has great reputation in Eng­land. Gheldorf, Const., 1844, Catalogue of Plants and Price List, p.9, as ‘Loudon d’Italie’: The form of ‘Chandleri Elegans’, (Elegans) Deep red like Althaeiflora. Charles van Geert Nursery Catalogue, 1845, p.9: Peony form, packed and very large; ver­milion carmine. Oudin Nursery Catalogue, 1844, p.11 as ‘Loudon’: Large size, imbricated full double, cinnabar red, circumference shining violet pink. In commerce another camellia circu­lates under this name. Berlèse, 1849, Annales de la Société Central d’Horticulture de France, vol.46, p.308: Flower 10 cm across, formal double, cherry red mixed with cinnabar. Petals large, in sev­eral rows, notched, close set, channelled, imbricated regularly from the circumference to the centre. Corolla round, ample, red margined with reflections of rose. Orthographic errors: ‘Loudon’, ‘Londonii’, ‘Loudoni’, ‘Lowdon’. Synonym ‘Loudon d’Italie’


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Blooming Season France