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Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt

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Year Published/Registered1868

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Grey Lady  Ginn, 1959, New Zealand Camellia Bulletin, vol.I, No.4. Synonym for Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt.

M. de De Ambrose Verschaffelt  G. Mariotti, Nursery Catalogue, 1914, p.16. Orthographic error for Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt.

Mad. A. Verschaffeltii  Pacific Nursery Catalogue, 1895-1896. Abbreviation for Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt.

Mad. A. Verscheffelt  van Houtte Catalogue, 1868, 123:55. Abbreviation for Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt.

Mad. Ambroise Verschafelti  Volonte Catalogue, 1888. abbreviation and orthographic error for Madame Ambroise Verschaffelt.

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» English Description

William Bull Retail Catalogue, 1868-1869, p.76: Imbri­cated flower, very full. white tinted blush, veined and spotted with rose and red. Lemaire, ed., 1868, L’Illustration Horticole, vol.15, pl.546: Originated as a seedling in Italy by Conte Bernardino Lechi. The flowers are above average in size, petals numerous. small, rounded, fully imbricated. The colour is a delicate pink, veined and dotted a more vivid tint with splashes of crimson. The Floral Magazine, 1868, pl.391: Large size, the general colour of light pinkish blush, each petal has one or more distinctive flakes of bright pink. E.G. Henderson Nursery Catalogue, 1868. p.70: Flowers finely imbricated, full, not thin. petals of good sub­stance. round in outline, colour white, suffused with a warm, inner, blush tint and occasionally striped with rose or red. Won first prize for a new seedling at the International Exhibition at Ghent, March, 1868. Sport: Virginia Marini. Abbreviations: ‘Mme. Ambroise Verschaffelt’, ‘Madame A. Verscheffelt’, ‘Madame Verschaffelt’, ‘Mad. Verschaffelt’, ‘Mme Verschaffelt’, ‘Mad. A. Verschaffelt’, ‘Mme Verschafft.’, ‘Mad. Ambroise Verschaffelt’, ‘Madame Ambrose’. Orthographic errors: ‘Madame Ambrose Verschaffelt’, ‘Madama de Ambrose Verschaffelt’, ‘Madame Ambrose’, ‘Madame Werschaffelt’, ‘Madame Ambrose Verschaffelt’.


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