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Marchese Costabili

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Year Published/Registered1851

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Marchese Costabili'

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Marchesa Constabili  Medici Spada, 1857, Catalogo nel Giardino a Villa Quiete, p.12. Orthographic error for Marchese Costabili.

Marchesa Costabile  Ambroise Verschaffelt, 1854, Catalogue, p.19. von Biedenfeld, 1855, Practische Grundelhren der Cultur von Camellien.---p.46. Orthographic error for Marchese Costabili.

Marchese Constabile  RHS., 1937 Index, p.282. Orthographic error for Marchese Costabili.

Marchese Costabile  da Silva, 1880. Forcing Camellias in Oporto, p.14. Orthographic error for Marchese Costabili.

Marcheza Costabile  Hazlewood & Jessep, 1972, Checklist - Camellia Cultivars from Nursery Catalogues, p.147. Orthographic variant for Marchese Costabili.


» English Description

Luzzatti, 1851, Collezione di Camelie, p.26: Ivory white, petals minutely spotted with bright pink and profusely streaked with vivid cherry-red; perfectly imbricated. Verschaffelt, 1857, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VI, pl.III as ‘Marchesa Costabile’: Its blossoms, almost of the largest size, are composed of very numerous or rounded petals, full or faintly emarginated, flawlessly imbricated in a spiral. A pure white colouring with a few deli­cate, vivid crimson stripes. Originated in Italy, by Luzzatti, Florence. Orthographic errors: ‘Marchesa Costabile’, ‘Marchese Costabile’, ‘Marchese Constabile’, ‘Marchesa Costabili’, ‘Marcheza Costabile’. Sport: General Montevecchio.


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Blooming Season Italy