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Marcos Castro

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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Marcos Castro'

Chinese Name:卡斯特罗

Japanese Name

Meaning:person's name


» English Description

First publishing in the magazine of Sociedad Española de la Camelia,  Camelia num. 42:34, in 2019, and in International Camellia Journal 52:123 in 2020, with one color photo. It was obtained from a C. japonica seed by Juan Castro in Baión (Vilanova de Arousa, Galicia, Spain) in 2006. FLOWER: medium to large size, 9-11.5 cm in  diameter  and 5-6 cm depth. White or soft pink color, streaked, dotted and spotted with red-pink 53 C-D and 54 A (RHSCC). Semidouble; from 10 to 20 petals, ovate, irregular or rounded the external ones, and elliptical or irregular the internal; wavy margin. Scarce petaloids, between 1 and 4. Numerous stamens, 95-150, tubular arrangement. LEAF: medium size, 7.5-9 cm long and 4-5 cm wide; medium green; elliptical with dentate margin, acuminate apix and acute base. PLANT: early blooming period, starts in December and extends to April. Flower falls whole. Bushy and upright growth habit, with wavy leaves and medium growth rate. Other data: first flowering in 2011. It was named by Juan Castro who dedicated it to his son.

» Chinese Description

卡斯特罗Camellia japonica ‘Marcos Castro’),2006年由Juan Castro从其山茶(C. japonica)实生苗中培育,位于西班牙加利西亚的Vilanova de Arousa的花园中,已其儿子的名字命名。首次发表在《西班牙茶花会志》第34期(2019)第42页上。2011年首次开花。灌木,直立,生长速度中等。叶片波浪状,椭圆形,边缘具齿状,先端渐尖。花中等大,半重瓣型,白色至浅粉红色,有鲜艳的粉红色条纹。外花瓣10-20个,卵形或圆形,内花瓣椭圆形或不规则,具波浪形边缘;雄蕊约100枚,基本连生成管状。花期早,12月至翌年。


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