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Maria Vinyals

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Year Published/Registered2020

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Maria Vinyals'

Chinese Name:维尼亚尔斯

Japanese Name

Meaning:a woman'name who was a writer, social activist and feminist


María Vinyals  original Spanish name for this cultivar.


» English Description

María Vinyals (C. japonica). A seedling plant from Camellia japonica ‘Berenice Body’, originated in Galicia by Eusebio López (Fene, Galicia, Spain) and registered by Estación Fitopatolóxica Areeiro in 2020. Published in the Spanish Camellia magazine 2020(36):50 and in International Camellia Journal, 2020, 52: 124 with two color photos. This camellia was named in honor of María Vinyals (1875-1940?), a woman ahead of her time, writer, social activist and feminist, who defended the women rights, her education and women’s suffrage. This camellia was planted in the garden of Soutomaior Castle, where a new garden to honor distinguished women, in order to make visible their important role in local or universal history, was created. The plant is bushy,upright and vigorous, with rapid growth rate. The leaves are dark and bright green, ovate to rounded shape, dentate margin, pointed apex and obtuse to rounded base. The flower is medium in size, variable color from red when start opening to purple pink when is fully open; rose form with many petals, a few petaloids and stamens with cream filaments.Late flowering season, first flowers appear in late February and continue until May.

» Chinese Description

维尼亚尔斯(Camellia japonica ‘María Vinyals’)培育于西班牙的加利西亚,从Camellia japonica ‘Berenice Boddy’的实生苗中选育,于2020年由Estación Fitopatolóxica Areeiro注册。首次发表在2020年的《西班牙茶花会志》第36期50页和《国际山茶会志》2020(52):124上发表。该品种是为纪念玛丽亚·维尼亚尔斯(María Vinyals,1875-1940)而命名的,玛丽亚是一位早期的女性作家和社会活动家及女权主义者,她致力于捍卫了妇女的受教育权和选举权。该品种种植在Soutomaior城堡的花园中,在那里建立了一座花园来纪念这位杰出的女性,以彰显她在当地和世界历史上的重要作用。该植物枝条多、直立、生长速度快。叶深绿色,卵形到圆形,边缘齿状,先端尖,基部钝至圆形。花中等大小,花初开时红色,完全开放时粉紫色;玫瑰型,花丝部分瓣花,奶油色。开花迟,二月下旬出现第一朵花,一直持续到五月。


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Blooming Season Spain