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Marianna Trivulzio

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Year Published/Registered1844

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Marianna Trivulzio'

Chinese Name

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Mariana Trivalgio  Companhia Horticolo-Agricola; Portuense Catalogue, No.40, ca.1904, p.70. Orthographic error for Marianna Trivulzio.

Mariana Trivolgi  van Houtte Catalogue, 1858, 72:18. Orthographic error for Marianna Trivulzio.

Mariana Trivulgi  van Houtte Catalogue,1854-1855, 53:44. Orthographic error for Marianna Trivulzio.

Mariana Trivulgia  van Houtte Catalogue, 1847-1848, 30:13. Orthographic error for Marianna Trivulzio.

Mariana Trivulzio  Jose Maria Serra, Establecimiento de Horticultura Catalogo, 1855, p.6. Orthographic error for Marianna Trivulzio.

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» English Description

Franco Agostoni, 1844, Catalogo Plantarum.... No description. Burdin Maggiore & Co., 1849-1850, Catalogo General: Delicate flesh coloured with carmine stripes, imbricated. Verschaffelt, 1854, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VIII, pl.II as ‘Marianna Trivulgio’: This camellia of Italian origin was sent by Mr Luigi Croft of Milan. It is placed in the anemone group due to the arrangement of its petals, the exterior ones being large, rounded and outspread; the next ones being suddenly smaller, form a compact, outspread heart as in a garden ranunculus. The pure white colouring with a yellowish tinge at the centre, is interspered here and there by wide, bright pink stripes. Franchetti, 1855, Collezione di Camelie, p.45 as ‘Marian Trivulzio’: Ivory white with streaks and stains of carmine, the outer rows imbricated, a small cluster in the cen­tre. Orthographic errors: ‘Mariana Trivuglio’, ‘Mariana Trivuglia’, ‘Mariana Trivugli’, ‘Mariane Trivoglia’, ‘Marriane Trivulgio’, ‘Marriane Truilzio’, ‘Marianna Trivulzie’, ‘Mariana Trivulzio’, ‘Marianna Trivulgi’, ‘Mariane Trivulcia’, ‘Marianna Trivalzia’, ‘Mariana Trivalgio’.


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Blooming Season Italy