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Mingfeng Jiaoyue

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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata ‘Mingfeng Jiaoyue’

Chinese Name:鸣凤皎月

Japanese Name



» English Description

Mingfeng Jiaoyue (C. reticulata). China Regn. #2019-270. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2019, No.10, p.48. Originated and registered by Kunming Golden Temple Park, selected from the camellia forest in the park . Flowers pink, loose peony form, 11-13 cm in diameter, 23-24 petals, heart-shaped, apex concave, outer petals flat, inner petals zigzag and erect, some petals with irregular white spots, stamens partially petaloids, the remaining stamens divided into several bundles among tortuous petals, pistil flattened and degenerated. Leaves elliptic, 6.8-7.5 cm long, 3.2-3.9 cm wide, acuminate at the apex, broadly cuneate at the base, thick, finely serrated at the margins, and yellow spots on some leaves. Flowering period is January to February.

» Chinese Description

鸣凤皎月Camellia reticulata ‘Mingfeng Jiaoyue’. 中国茶花登录号:2019-270。《中国花卉园艺》2019年第1048页。由云南省昆明市金殿名胜区培育并登录。由昆明市金殿茶花园栽种的云南红花油茶中选育。花桃红色,松散牡丹型,花径1113厘米,花瓣2324枚,瓣片心形,先端凹缺,外轮花瓣平,内花瓣曲折直立,部分花瓣具不规则白斑,雄蕊部分瓣化为花瓣,并留有瓣化痕迹,残留雄蕊分束夹于曲折花瓣间,雌蕊扁平状退化。叶椭圆形,长6.87.5厘米,宽3.23.9厘米,先端渐尖,基部宽楔形,叶厚实,叶缘具细锯齿,部分叶片具黄色斑。花期1月至2月。


Flower Size11-13 cm

Blooming Season1-2 Month China