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Year Published/Registered1843

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Monfortiana'

Chinese Name

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Monforti di Sacco  Charles van Geert Nursery Catalogue, 1845. Synonym for Monfortiana.

Monfortia  Franco Agostoni, 1844, Catalogo Plantarum .... Orthographic variant for Monfortiana.

Monfortiana de Naples  Cachet Catalogue, 1845-1846, p.7. Synonym for Monfortiana.

Monfortiana Nova  Charles van Geert Nursery Catalogue, 1848, p.11. Synonym for Monfortiana.

Monforziana  Fratelli Rovelli Nursery Catalogue, 1852, p.22. Orthographic error for Monfor­tiana.

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» English Description

Berlèse, 1843, Iconographie, pl.196 and facing p. Named by Sacco for Mon­forti Street, Milan where he founded his horticultural establishment. Medium sized, informal double, rounded, regular, 9-10 cm across and of a beautiful soft rose with touches of clear carmine. The exterior petals in 5-6 rows are oblong, very notched, thin, imbricated; those of the interior can be either regular or irregular. In the first case the corolla is well developed, ele­gantly imbricated, and in the other case, which is rare, it is always attractive and presented with the same symmetry. Originated by Sacco, Milan, Italy. Synonyms: ‘Monforti di Sacco’, ‘Mon­fortiana de Naples’, ‘Monfortiana Nova’, ‘Monfortia’. Orthographic errors: ‘Montfortiana’, ‘Montfortensis’, ‘Montfortii Nova’, ‘Monforziana’, ‘Monthoriana’, ‘Montifor­tiana’.


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Blooming Season Italy