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Monique Peer

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1950

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Monique Peer'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Madame Monique Peer  McIlhenny Catalogue, 1954. Name changed to Monique Peer.


» English Description

McIlhenny Catalogue, 1950-1951: Pink with white stamens and pink and white petaloids. Medium, full peony form with compact growth. Late flowering. Fendig, 1952, American Camellia Catalogue with colour pl.: Large, spinel pink, incomplete double (Anemone form) 10 cm. across x 7.5 cm. deep. The outer petals are 5 cm across. Stamens are central and intermix with the centre mass of petals and petaloides Filaments are white, anthers antimony yellow. Similar in form to Daikagura. Leaves mid-green, 10 cm. x 5 cm, stiff, bending downwards, apex acute, serrations hair-like. Plant habit upright and vigorous. Originated by E.A. McIlhenny, Avery Island, Louisiana, USA from seed of unknown parents. Named for the wife of Ralph Peer of Hollywood, California. Sport: Monique Peer Variegated.


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Blooming Season United States