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Year Published/Registered1879

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Murui-shibori'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name:無類絞 むるいしぼり

Meaning:Unique stripes


» English Description

Itō, Ko’emon, 1879, Chinkashū: Light pink, striped and spotted rose-red. Medium size. For Colour photos see: Tuyama, 1966, Camellia Cultivars of Japan, pl.199, p.350. Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.I, 1972, pl.351, p.151; Adachi, 1960, Camellia. Its Culture and Artistic Arrangements, p.103; Seibundō Shinkōsha, 1979, Senchinshū, p.149; Yokoyama & Kirino, 1989, Nihon no Chinka, p.345: A medium to large, semi-double, 10 cm across, of 2-3 rows of petals; background white to blush pink with stripes of deeper pink and crimson in varying degrees. Some flowers develop small petals and petaloids in the centre, also in varying degrees. Originated in the Kantō District, Japan. Resembles Edo-nishiki-Katayama and Chūbu-murui-shibori.

» Japanese Description

講談社 1975年 《現代椿集》 P.343.  保育社 .1974. 《つばき》安藤芳顕著 .212. 淡交社.1989《日本の椿花》..345. 文化出版局. 1975. 《現代椿名鑑》. P.224.    誠文堂新光社.1998.《日本ツバキ.サザンカ名鑑》.p.259.    日本ツバキ協会. 2010. 《最新日本ツバキ図鑑》.  p.195. 江戸產. [花]淡桃色地に紅色の小絞りが入る、八重、筒~割りしベ、中~大輪、3~4月。[葉]長楕円、大形、波曲。[樹]立性、強い。[来歴]1879年の伊藤「椿花集」に記載がある。写/桐野、文/編集委員会


Flower Size10-13 cm

Blooming Season Japan