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Peter Totty

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia x williamsii 'Peter Totty'

Chinese Name:彼得托蒂

Japanese Name

Meaning:Named for the husband of the Registrant


» English Description

Peter Totty (C.x williamsii) Reg. No. 162.  International Camellia Journal 2021, No.53, p.28. Sport of C.x willliamsii ‘Jill Totty’, first observed in 1998, and first propagated by cuttings in 1999 by Mrs. Jill Totty, Hampshire, U.K., in honour of her husband.  It has been exhibited at camellia shows in the U.K.  The plant shows medium growth rate, with upright, open arching growth habit.  Flower buds are pale green, elliptic, tapering to a point at both ends. A long flowering begins in mid-season, and the plant is reliably floriferous.  Semi-double to loose peony form blooms are rose-pink, with loose arrangement of stamens.  Stamens are white with yellow anthers, filaments white, and petaloids pink and pink-streaked white.   The flowers are medium to large, up to 12 cm.  Spent flowers fall whole.  Camellia fruit appear in moderate quantities, approximately 2 cm, round, and mid-green.   Leaves are dark green, flat, and medium size (average 10 cm in length and 4 cm in width).

» Chinese Description

彼得托蒂C.x williamsii Peter Totty’),欧洲茶花登录号:162号。《国际山茶花杂志》 2021年第53期第28。 是'Jill Totty'的芽变品种,于1998年首次观察到变异,并于1999年由英国汉普郡的Jill Totty夫人通过扦插繁殖。已在英国的山茶花展上展出。植株中等生长速度,直立、枝条弯曲的生长习性。花芽呈淡绿色,椭圆形,两端逐渐变细。中花期,可持续开花。花半重瓣至松散牡丹型,玫瑰粉红色。雄蕊排列松散,白色,花药黄色,花丝白色,雄蕊瓣粉红色与白色相间。花中型到大型,直径可达12厘米。 花整个凋落。果实数量中等,直径约2厘米,球形,中绿色。叶深绿色,扁平,中等大小(平均长10厘米,宽4厘米)。


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Blooming Season United Kingdom