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Queen of England

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1839

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Queen of England'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Fielder's Pink Camellia Digest, 1(3),1943. Synonym for Queen of England.

Fielder's Queen of England Berlèse, 1845, Monographie, ed.3, p.121. Synonym for Queen of England.

Fielder's Queen Burnier & Grilli Catalogue, 1846-1847. Synonym for Queen of England.

Queem of England G. Mariotti Catalogue, 1924, p.17. Orthographic error for Queen of England.

Queen (Fielders) James Veitch Jr, 1853, Catalogue of Select Stove Plants…, p.14. Synonym for Queen of England.

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» English Description

van Houtte Catalogue, 1839, 1:7: Formed like Imbricata, very soft pink with white line down the centre of each petal. Originated by Fielder, England. Buist, 1845, The American Flower Garden Directory, ed.3, p.22: Dark rosy crimson, occasionally spotted white. Large, imbricated and fully double. Verschaf­felt, 1851, Nouvelle lconographie, Book VI, pl.IV as ‘Queen of England’ (Fielder): Obtained from seed in England a few years ago ... It is distinguished by its extremely vivid, cherry-red blos­soms, with petals, ample, rounded, convex, quite spread out, delicately veined in a deeper shade, with a few longitudinal, pale or whitish, sometimes double stripes. Apparently, in the intervening years the camellia had sported to a deeper colour. Synonyms: ‘Fielder’s Queen’, ‘Fielder’s Queen of England’, ‘Queen of England’(Fielder), ‘Queen of England’ (Fielders), ‘Queen of England’ (Low’s). Orthographic variant: ‘Reginae d’Inghilterra’. Orthographic errors: ‘Queen of Angland’, ‘Queem of England’.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom