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Rosa Mundi

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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1827

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Rosa Mundi'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Gray Venus Berlèse, 1837, Monographie, ed.1, p.116, 131. Synonym for Rosa Mundi.

Gray's Venus Paxton, 1831-1832, Horticultural Register, p.688. Synonym for Rosa Mundi.

Rosamunde Baumann, Mulhouse Nursery Catalogue, 1841-1842, p. 14. Orthographic error for Rosa Mundi.

Rosamundi Anon, 1830, "Ueber die Cultur der Kamellien" in Der Blumen Gaertner, p.53. Barthere, Toulouse Nursery Catalogue, 1838, p.12. Orthographic variant for Rosa Mundi.

Rose Mundi Hibbert & Buist, 1832, The American Flower Garden Directory, p.80. Orthographic error for Rosa Mundi.

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» English Description

Loudon, 1827, The Gardeners’ Magazine, vol.2, p.358: Seedling from Mr Press of Hornsby; white ground, spotted and striped with crimson like a York and Lancaster rose; well formed double, 7 cm across. Orthographic errors: ‘Rosamunda’, ‘Rosa Mindii’, ‘Rosamunde’, ‘Rosa-mundi’, ‘Rosa Mundii’. Orthographic variant: ‘Rosamundi’. Synonyms: ‘Rose of the World’, ‘Venusta’, ‘Grey’s Venus’, ‘Garviei’. Sport: Rosa Mundi Rosea. Produced from the cross Semi-duplex x Alba Simplex by George Press, Hornsby, England. Illustrated in Loddige’s Botanical Cabinet, 1832 and Berlèse 1841, Iconographie, pl.38 and Mertens & Fontaine, Collection de cent espèces.....camellia, 1845, pl. 50.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom