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Rosa do Nadal

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Year Published/Registered2018

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Rosa do Nadal'

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Rosa do Nadal. (Camellia reticulata hybrid). Publicación de la Sociedad Española de la Camelia, 33. 2018, p.40. Originated by Leonor Magariños 20 years ago in Cuntis, Pontevedra (Spain). FLOWER Size: medium to large, 9-10.5 cm in diameter and 4-4.5 cm depth. Colour: bright pink 57A-B-C, (57BC background and veined with 57A) (RHS color chart), and some internal petals with more faint pink stripes. Shape: rose form. Petals: 35-50, the external rounded, and the internal rounded or elliptical; cordated margin, with a very small peak in the middle of the upper fissure of each petal. Petaloids: 1-5, pink 57C striped with light pink and white. Stamens: in variable number, from 10 to 45, cramped in the center, twisted, with very short filaments. LEAF Size: medium, 10.5-12 cm long and 4-5 cm wide. Colour: medium green, dull. Shape: elliptical to lanceolate. Margin: serrate. Apex: acuminate. Base: acute to obtuse. PLANT Blooming period: early to mid season; it begins with first flowers at the end of December or beginning of January and it extends until March. Habit: bushy with medium growth rate and upright growth habit. Other data: it has been shown at camellia exhibitions in Galicia in 2018. Origin of the variety: a seedling of (possibly from x C. reticulata C. reticulata C. japonica Debut’).


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Blooming Season Spain