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Year Published/Registered1826

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Rosea'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Le Blanc's Red  Loudon, 1831, The Gardeners’Magazine, vol.7, p.52. Synonym for Rosea.

Le Blanc's Rosea  Loudon, 1835, The Gardeners’ Magazine, vol.11, p.215. Synonym for Rosea.

Le Blanc's  Paxton, 1832, Horticultural Register. Synonym for Rosea.

Meigui. (Rugosa Rose)  Gao & Zhuang, 1989, The Camellia in China, p.79, No.608. Chinese synonym for the C.sasanqua Rosea.

Plena Rosea  Gussone, 1821, Catalogue Plantarum as ‘pl. Rosea’. Synonym for Rosea.

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» English Description

Sweet, 1826, Hortus Britannicus, p.61: Small, rosy coloured, open peony form. Brought from China in 1821 for the Horticultural Society of London by Captain Le Blanc. Berlèse, 1840, Monographie, ed.2, pp.194, 234 as ‘Rosa Species Nova’: Leaves, 8 cm x 5.4 cm, ovate-­oblong, very acuminate, lanceolate, twisted, apex recurved, dark green; buds small, oblong, scales green and reddish; flower about 8 cm across, full, rose orange violet; difficult to desig­nate; corolla regular; petals imbricated from the centre to the circumference, a perfect rose form. Sometimes on the plant the flowers are of an angular form, with the petals rounded and fanned out. Originated in China. Charles van Geert Catalogue, 1848, p.4 gives ‘Rosea Nova’ or ‘Rosea Species’ as: ‘Imbricated, truly lilac with blue tints.’ Synonyms: ‘Rosa de la China’, ‘Rosea de la. Chine’, ‘Rosa. della Chine’, ‘Rosa Nuova della China’, ‘Rosa della China’, ‘Madame Felice’, ‘Rosa Nova Species’, ‘Rosa Speciosa Nova’, ‘Rosa Nova Species’, ‘Rosa Species Nova’, ‘Rosea Species’, ‘Rosea Nova’, ‘Rosa Chinae Nova’, ‘Rosea Vera Specie’.


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