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Tricolor Nova

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Year Published/Registered1846

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Tricolor Nova'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Tricolor (Nova) Mathot  SCCS., 1954, The Camellia. Its Culture and Nomenclature, p.84. Synonym for Tricolor Nova.

Tricolor de Matheo  André Leroy Catalogue, 1868, p.48. André Leroy, 1873, Catalogue, p.136. Orthographic error for Tricolor de Mathot’, synonym for Tricolor Nova.

Tricolor de Matho  Bahuaud-Litou Nursery Catalogue, 1914-1920. Orthographic error for Tri­color de Mathot’, synonym for Tricolor Nova.

Tricolor de Mathot  van Houtte Catalogue, 1866-1867. Synonym for Tricolor Nova.

Tricolor de Mathotiana  Pacific Nursery Catalogue, 1895-1896. Orthographic error for ‘Tricolor de Mathot’, synonym for Tricolor Nova.

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» English Description

Costa, 1846, Catalogue de la collection de camellias présentée à sa majesté L’Imperatrice de toutes les Russies et Reine de Pologne, p.9. No description. Verschaffelt, 1858, Nou­velle Iconographie, Book IX, pl.III as ‘Tricolor (nova) Mathot’: Obtained from seed by Mr Mathot of Ghent, Belgium and sold to Mr Miellez of Lille. The blossoms of this new variety are much larger and fuller than the former Tricolor and the colouring is more distinctly set off. The petals, though less numerous than in the congeneric varieties, are of unusually amplitude, rounded, the edges upturned and cupped, and regularly imbricated. The background colour­ing is white, with a delicate, rosy tint, with dainty crimson stripes, while numerous broad streaks of the same colour, but of a more vivid tint intersect each petal until the centre which is of a yellowish honey colour. Synonyms: ‘Tricolor de Mathot’, ‘Tricolor (Nova) Mathot’, ‘Tricolor de Mathot’. Ortho­graphic errors: ‘Tricolor de Matho’, ‘Tricolor de Mattho’, ‘Tricolor de Matheo’, ‘Tricolore de Mathot’, ‘Tricolor Novo’


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