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William Penn (1854) Believed Extinct

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CountryUnited States

Year Published/Registered1854

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'William Penn (1854)'

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» English Description

Buist, 1854, American Flower Garden Directory, 6:222: Originated by Dick. Dark reddish crimson; large bold petals, fully double; plant of free growth; foliage dark green. Apparently the variety became variegated as in 1859, Verschaffelt’s Nouvelle Iconographie, Book XI, pl.I describes it as: “Last year this Camellia was sent to us from the USA. It soon blossomed in our glasshouse where the pure white vies with the most ruddy colouring, showing a double colouring arranged in an unusual way. The oval rounded, perfectly imbricated petals are arranged so that the rows of the circum­ference, imbricated and serried, form with those of the centre, outspread in the form of a star.” Dreer’s 1878-1879 catalogue, p.23. Dark Red. The modern variety is different again. Orthographic errors: ‘William Gem’, ‘William Peen’.(Believed extinct.)


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Blooming Season United States