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Wilson's Harlequin

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Year Published/Registered2015

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia 'Wilson's Harlequin'

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Australia Regn # 690. Published on p.13 inCamellia News No. 199, the Journal of Camellias Australia Inc. 2015 withdescription and a colour photo. A chance seedling which first flowered in 1998, neither parentknown, originated by Dean Ross Wilson, Robertson, New South Wales, Australia.From the first, the blooms were of soft pink, mid pink, white and variouscombinations of these colours (e.g. quartered, striped). Plants propagated fromcuttings soon sport the full variety of bloom colours. The flowers begin as aformal double with 6 rows of petals, opening to informal double with very fewstamens, which have white filaments. Blooms are 9 to 10 cm diameter, 3 to 4 cmhigh, 35 to 45 petals which are imbricated and fluted, the outer petals tendingto be rounded, some notched and occasionally fimbriated, the inner petals aremore pointed. Blooms fall whole never producing seeds. The plant has upright,medium growth, leaves which are flat, glossy, dark green, about 10 cm long and5 cm wide, elliptic and serrate with an acute tip and a petiole of about 1 cm.Free flowering from mid to late season and best in part shade. Named because ofthe large variety of bloom colours. Available from the originator.


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