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Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia ‘Xiangfeidie’

Chinese Name:香妃蝶

Japanese Name



» English Description

Xiangfeidie (C. japonica 'Zhaojun Chusai' X C. 'Xizi Xianghe'). China Regn. #2021-345. China Flowers & Horticulture, 2021, No.11, p.57. It was oroginated and registered by Zhou Li, Song Chunyan and Yin Youhui from the Management Office of Chongqing Nanshan Botanical Garden. In 2010, the seedlings of ‘Zhaojun Chusai’ as the female parent and  ‘Xizi Xianghe’ as the male parent were selected and bred, firstly flowered in early November 2019. Plants open, with dense branches and leaves, vigorous, abundant number of flowers. Flowers light pink, semi-double to peony form, with a faint rose fragrance. Leaves dark green and oval; surface flat; apex acuminate, base cuneate, serrate shallow, 8-8.5 cm long and 3-3.5 cm wide. Flowers diameter 8~10cm with 17 oval petals, wavy edges, center petals  upright disc-winged, slightly wrinkled, petals  thick and loosely arranged; the base of the stamens connected in bunches; the stigma of the pistil is 1. Flowering November to next March.

» Chinese Description

香妃蝶Camellia ‘Xiangfeidie’ 中国登录号:2021-345,《中国花卉园艺》2021年第1157页。由重庆市南山植物园管理处的周利、宋春艳、尹有惠培育并登录。2010年以川山茶昭君出塞为母本,与杂交山茶西子香荷为父本杂交播种苗选育获得,201911月初花。植株开张,枝叶茂密,生长旺盛,花量多。花浅粉色,半重瓣至牡丹型,具有淡淡玫瑰香味。叶深绿色、椭圆形;叶面平展;先端渐尖,基部楔形,叶齿浅稀,叶长8-8.5cm,宽3-3.5cm。花径8~10cm,花瓣椭圆形17枚,边缘波状,中心花瓣直立碟翅状,略皱褶,花瓣质地厚实,排列较松散;雄蕊基部连生呈束状;雌蕊柱头1枚,花期11 月至翌年3月,早花型。


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season11-3 Month China