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Xianglin 2

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Year Published/Registered1990

Cultivar Type:For Oil

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia oleifera 'Xianglin 2'

Chinese Name:湘林2号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Oil Tea Camellia Superior Germplasm Resources, 2008, editor in chief by Chen Yonzhong, p.79. Bred by Hunan Academy of Forestry in 1999, passed the identification in 1998 by Hunan Academy of Forestry registration, and listed as national excellent cultivar, the Certification Number: Xiang S9670-CO2. Plant vigorous, foliage dense, crown rotund. Leaves elliptic, apex acuminate, margin serrate or crenate, 4.0-6.5 cm long, 2.5-3.5 cm wide, glabrous. Flowering early, usually in late October to late December, white, dimeter 5.6-7.0 cm, petals 6-8, obcordate. Fruit mature in late October, spherical, reddish yellow or yellowish green, diameter 30-36 mm, 20-40 among of fruit weighted 500g, loci 3-4. Average 41.11%-45.6% seed weight in each fresh fruit. The average rate of oil reached 41.82% from the kernel, and 8.12% from fresh fruit. Average oil yield 585.0 kg/hm2.

» Chinese Description

湘林2陈永忠主编,2008年,《油茶优良种质资源》第 79 页。【培育单位】湖南省林业科学院,【选育年份】1990,【审定年份】1998,【良种号】S9670-CO2由湖南省林业科学院于1990年选育出来的优良无性系。1998年通过湖南省良种审定,证书号为湘S9670-CO2。树形矮小紧凑,树冠自然圆头形,分枝力强;叶椭圆形,先端渐尖,边缘有细锯齿或钝齿,长4.06.5cm,宽2.53.5cm,叶面光滑;花期适中,湖南通常于10月中下旬至12月中下旬开花,花白色,直径5.67.0cm,花瓣倒心形,68瓣;果实成熟期10月下旬,果实球形,红黄或青黄色,果径3036mm,每500g果数2040个,心室34个,籽粒大。鲜出籽率41.11%45.6%,种仁含油率41.82%,鲜果含油率8.12%。产油量为585.0kg/hm2


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