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Year Published/Registered1930

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Yinhong'

Chinese Name:银红

Japanese Name



Yin-hung Watanabe & Andoh, 1981, Tsubaki, p.157.Different reading for Yinhong. Japanese reading: ‘Ginkō’.


» English Description

Fang, 1930, Diannan Chahua Xiaozhi. The colour is a very light red. Originated in China. Different reading: ‘Yin-hung’.

Zhou Li, 2011, Illustrated Handbook for Sichuan Camellias, p.200. Plant habit medium vigorous, crown open, globose shape, medium branching. Leaves elliptic, flat, apex apiculate, base broad cuneate, serrate shallowly and sparsely, medium density o f foliage, measuring 6.5 cm to 7.5 cm across by3.5 cm to 4.5 cm wide. Calyxes open. Petals flat, about 95 segments imbricated regularly in several rows. Petaloids by almost all stamens. Petals flat, most rounded, with obvious venation, with occasionally not fully opening flowers, protrude cordate shaped in central flowers, shining red, with white stripes along central venation, dark color in initially blooming stage, diameter8 cm to 10 cm, medium size flowers, formal double form, medium floral quantity. Blooms March to April, at fully blooming in March.  Key points of identification: Flowers silver-red, petals thinner than variety ‘Yanghong’, but imbricated somewhat less regularly.  Origin: Chongqing

» Chinese Description

周利主编、2011《川茶品种图鉴》 p.200。树势中等,树冠开张,呈圆球形,成枝力中等;叶椭圆形,先端渐尖,基部楔形,叶幕中密,叶长6.5cm~7.5cm,宽3.5cm~4.5cm,叶片平展,叶齿浅稀;花萼开张,平瓣花多轮约95枚,雄蕊完全退化,花瓣平展,近圆形,瓣脉明显,排列整齐,少数花朵开放不完全,花心呈鸡心形,沿花瓣中脉有白色条斑,花心隆起,花银红色,具银光,初开时花色较深,完全重瓣型,花量中等,花径8cm~10cm,花期3月~4月,盛花期3月。识别特征:花银红色,花瓣质地比花洋红薄。花瓣排列不如花洋红规则。原始产地:重庆


Flower Size8-10 cm

Blooming Season3-4 Month China