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Mrs. Violet Lort-Phillips, President of International Camellia Society (1983-1985)

29 September 2021  1062 By: ICR

Do you know her?

I took this photo in January 1994 when I attended the 1st International Symposium on Yellow Camellia in Nanning, China but I had not written down her name. I think she should be important to camellia world, as she had been interviewed by the TV station at that time. But it is hard to get her name so far, till I asked Mr. Herb Short by email today, then he told me: "The photo is of Mrs. Violet Lort-Phillips who lived in the Channel Islands and was president of the International Camellia Society from 1983 until the end of 1985." I am so glad to have a sure answer for her name. Thank you very much, Herb, you are really helpful.

I checked some words said by Mrs. Violet Lort-Phillips, still useful, I would like to copy as follows:

Now what of the future? The Society must grow, and must find new, enthusiastic members. We have many interesting projects to complete; journeys to plan; breeding programmes to initiate and carry through, for the introduction of the yellow Camellia chrysantha has opened up a new range of colours to the hybridists. I believe progress is also being made in the extraction of oil from the seeds of Camellias. I have a small phial of this oil~ which I treasure. I am told that application of this oil prevents hair from going grey - is this a challenge to the Society? I was even toasted on my birthday, in Georgia, in Camellia wine! As you can see, there is no end to the versatility of the Camellia. Let us, as a world-wide Society, explore this versatility and encourage each region to make its contribution to the pool of Camellia knowledge. May I wish you all "good growing" in the coming year.

From International Camellia Journal, No.15, 1983. p.3

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