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ICS President’s Message 2022 – Midyear

4 July 2022  966 By: wangzhonglang

In this first semester a lot of work has been done.

Frieda Delvaux, our Web Manager, released our new website, multilingual, and with a much more modern interface. You can read more in Let me proudly underline that both the multilingual texts and the website layout are the nice result of a worldwide cooperation across ICS.

Among the initiatives mentioned in the first 2022 message, we are carrying on, with the support of Anke Koschitz (Germany), a program to increase our membership among younger people. Currently, we are discussing that program with the Vice Presidents of Americas, Asia, Oceania, Europe. As soon as finalized, we will publish it.

In that same portfolio of initiatives, I discussed with Professor Tanaka and Mr. Sueo Takano, an encyclopedia on Camellia sasanqua. The encyclopedia will contain research, and descriptions /guidance (with high quality photos) of sasanqua cultivars across the world, thus complementing the International Camellia Register. Again, that work will rely on a worldwide collaboration. The book plan will be presented in the 2023 Congress. Allied initiatives to promote sasanquas will also be proposed.

The 2023 congress in Italy is finalized. For your convenience, a presentation is attached. As you can see, it includes a Pre-Congress tour (150 delegates expected), the Congress (300 delegates expected), and a post-Congress Tour (100 delegates expected). The enrollment portal will be published in September. Congress and tour fees will be as the Nantes congress, with a slight increase for the inflation in Europe.

In March 2022 I was informed that ACS (American Camellia Society) canceled the 2024 Congress in the USA, without any specific plan for 2025. In a consultation with the Vice-presidents, Asia emerged as the most realistic option for the 2025 Congress, specifically, Japan. With the dedicated support of our Japanese colleagues, in June we had a meeting in Tokyo for assessing the feasibility. We discussed a preliminary program and visited a Congress venue in Tokyo. The preliminary program will be presented at the 2023 Congress, in Italy. A grateful thank you, in alphabetical order, to the dream team made of Mr. Akagi, Karato, Tanaka, and Yamaguchi.

Gianmario Motta

ICS President

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