International Camellia Register

This page was temporary put all records from the book: 高继银等_2005_山茶属植物主要原种彩色图集(Gao Jiyin, Clifford R. Parks, Du Yueqiang_2005_Collected Species of the Genus Camellia, an Illustrated Outline. Zhejiang Science and Technology Publish House) for filling the field here. This page will be greatly changed in the next version of the DICR.

Now we are collecting the original papers which published all taxa levels (Subgenus, Section, species, subspecies, variety, forma) in the genus Camellia (including all those original papers under other former genera like Thea, Theopsis, Camelliastrum, Calpandria, Piquetia, and Stereocarpus, etc., type specimens, illustrations……in order to better understand the whole genus. Then match all these taxa one by one in different taxonomic systems (J. R. Sealy 1958, H. T. Chang 1981, T. L. Min 2000).

The taxonomy of the genus camellia is very complicated, need many years to complete the work. We are now forming a team to do this task. We are planning to publish by section by section, then upload to the DICR to ask all specialists throughout the world to review and to suggest.

Need your help! If you have original papers, type or isotype specimen, please scan them, then send to Thank you very much in advance.

Totally 2 Species Found.
Book Page Chinese Name Scientific Name
Collected Species of the Genus Camelliaand illustrated Outline 43 山茶 Camellia japonica L view
Collected Species of the Genus Camelliaand illustrated Outline 45 短柄山茶 Camellia japonica subspecies rusticana view