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Comte de Toll

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Year Published/Registered1862

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Comte de Toll'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Comte de Thol  Rollisson & Son, 1875-1876, Catalogue of Select Stove Plants…, p.100. Orthographic error for Comte de Toll.

Comte de Tholl  Jean Verschaffelt, 1863, Supplement to Price List, p.10. van Houtte Catalogue, 1866-1867, 116:17. Orthographic error for Comte de Toll.

Comte de Tol  Carlo Costantini Catalogue, 1886. Orthographic error for Comte de Toll.

Conte de Toll  Mariotti Catalogue, 1924, p.14. Orthographic variant for Comte de Toll.

Duc de Toll  August van Geert Nursery Catalogue, No.75, 1869-1870, p.52. Synonym for Comte de Toll.

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» English Description

Lemaire, 1862, L’Illustration Horticole, vol.9, pl.343: This variety first appeared as a sport of ‘Comtesse Nencini’ in the establishment of Mr A. Verschaffelt, Belgium, where it was fixed by grafting. The foliage is of average size, flowers above average, 9-10 cm across, of the class of perfection, a soft pink, veined deeper pink. The petals are regularly imbri­cated, even and rounded with radial streaks of white. It is illustrated and described in Hertrich, 1958, Camellias in the Huntington Gardens, vol.3, p.43. A sport of Contessa Nencini. Sport: Comte de Toll Rosea. Orthographic errors: ‘Compte de Toll’, ‘Comte de Tholl’, ‘Duc de Toll’, ‘Comte de Thol’, ‘Comte de Thol’, ‘Compte de Tol’. Orthographic variant: ‘Conte de Toll’. Synonyms: ‘Fender’s Pink’, ‘Silky Pink’.


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Blooming Season Belgium