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Download Camellia, or download CamelliaDictionary.mdx and CamelliaDictionary.css respetively (last updated: 2023.12.27, downloads: 33517).

This is an offline Camellia Dictionary using Mdict as platform. On how to install and use Mdict in PC, android phone or iPhone, please visit the official website of Mdict in English ( or in Chinese (

Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)
1. Directly download the Windows version here (last update 2023.12.27). Unzip to your computer and run Mdict.exe.
2. On the first run, please click Library from the menu, and select Library ManagementImport Library - Done.
1. Download the APP Mdict and Install to your android phone or pad.
2. Download dictionary file , then please unzip and copy two files (CamelliaDictionary.mdx and CamelliaDictionary.css) to the installed folder \mdict\doc.
3. Run Mdict.
1. Download Mdict from Apple Store.
2. Install Mdict to your iPhone or iPad.
3. Download iTools and Install , then please unzip dictionary file and copy two files (CamelliaDictionary.mdx and CamelliaDictionary.css) to the installed folder.


知道如何使用的Mdict的,直接在此下载词库.zip,或者分别下载CamelliaDictionary.mdx and CamelliaDictionary.css (更新日期: 2023.12.27, 下载量: 33517)。

如果你是初次使用者,请阅读下面的简要介绍。或者访问Mdict的中文官方网站:, 学习更多的使用方法和技巧。

Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)
1. 直接下载Windows版,解压后,不用安装,直接运行Mdict即可。
2. 初次运行,需要导入词库:点击菜单栏的词库,选择词库管理导入词库 - 完成
1. 在Mdict官网下载Mdict,安装Mdict到安卓手机或平板上。
2. 下载山茶词库,将CamelliaDictionary.mdxCamelliaDictionary.css这2个文件一起拷贝到Mdict的安装目录下的Doc即可。
3. 运行Mdict。
1. 在苹果商店下载Mdict, 安装Mdict到苹果手机或平板上。
2. 下载iTools并安装,然后下载山茶词库,将拷贝解压后的CamelliaDictionary.mdxCamelliaDictionary.css这2个文件到安装目录下即可。
3. 运行Mdict。