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Guihong 3

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Year Published/Registered2014

Cultivar Type:For Tea

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Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis 'Guihong 3'

Chinese Name:桂红3号

Japanese Name



» English Description

Guihong 3. (C. sinensis). Yang Yajun and Liang Yuerong, 2014. Clone Cultivars of Tea in China. p.43. Originated from The Wantian large leaf group cultivated from The Huangneng Village of Wantian Township, Lingui County, Guangxi, by Guangxi Guilin Tea Research Institute through a single plant selection. There are now a small amount of cultivation in the north and middle areas of Guizhong. In 1994, it was approved by the National Crop Variety Committee, number GS13001-1994.

The tree is half open and the branch density is medium. The leaves are semi-oblique, long oval, leafy green, shiny strong, leaf yung, leaf body fold, leaf edge microwave, leaf tip blunt tip, serrated and slightly dense, leaf thicker. Corolla diameter 4.2cm, petals 6 petals, column head length 1.2cm, column head 3 crack, sub-house hairy, flowering period for mid-November to late December, flowering, but very low rate of strength.

The three-leaf period in the northern part of Guibei is from late March to early April. Bud leaf fertility and tenderness is strong, color, fat, hair medium, a bud three-leaf bud weight 110g. Spring tea one bud two-leaf dry sample contains about 23.8% of tea polyphenols, amino acids 3.6%,caffeine 2.6%, water and water out 47.8%. High yield, 507 kg of fresh leaves per 667m2. Make black and green tea. Black tea, color Urun, high aroma, strong taste, fresh, bright soup red light; Drought resistance, cold resistance is strong, but the resistance to leaf ym.

Suitable planting area: South China black tea, green tea tea area.

Cultivation points: It is advisable to choose the soil layer deep fertile plot planting, pay attention to the comprehensive control of leaf-like pests.

» Chinese Description

杨亚军,梁月荣. 2014. 《中国无性系茶树品种志》43页。桂红3号


【形态特征】 树姿半开张,分枝密度中等。叶片呈半上斜状着生,长椭圆形,叶色绿,光泽性强,叶面微隆,叶身内折,叶缘微波,叶尖钝尖,锯齿浅而稍密,叶质较厚。花冠直径4.2cm,花瓣6瓣,柱头长1.2cm,柱头3裂,子房茸毛多,盛花期为11月中旬〜12月下旬,开花多,但结实率很低。

【特性】 桂北地区一芽三叶期在3月下旬至4月上旬。芽叶生育能力及持嫩性较强,緑色,肥壮,茸毛中等,一芽三叶百芽重110g。春茶一芽二叶干样约含茶多酚23.8%、氨基酸3.6%、咖啡碱2.6%、水寖出物47.8%。产量高,每667㎡产鲜叶507kg。适制红茶和绿茶。制红茶,色泽乌润,香气高锐,滋味浓强、鲜爽,汤色红亮;制绿茶,色泽深绿,稍显毫,汤色黄緑明亮,香气高爽,滋味浓醇。抗旱、抗寒能力较强,但抗叶螨能力较弱。




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