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CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered1828

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Dahliiflora'

Chinese Name

Japanese Name



Alba Monstruosa  Colla, 1843, Camelliografia, p.97. Synonym for Dahliiflora.

Dahlaeflora  Harrison ed., 1835, Floricultural Cabinet, p.186. Orthographic error for Dahliiflora.

Dahleaeflora  Berlèse, 1841, Iconographie, pl.26. Orthographic error for Dahliiflora.

Dahliaeflora Heterophylla  Trillon, 1845, Catalogue, p.4. Synonym for Dahliiflora.

Dahliaeflora  Redouté et al., 1828, Annales Société Horticulture de Paris. Orthographic error for Dahliiflora.

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» English Description

Redouté et al.,1828, Annales Société Horticulture de Paris, 2:281-287 erro­neously as ‘Dahliaeflora’. It was also listed in the Floricultural Cabinet, vol.III, 1835, p.186 as a “British hybrid with pale or light red flowers.” Berlèse in the three editions of his Monographie, 1837, 1840 and 1845, had the cultivar as being originated in England by Knight and described it as: Leaves deformed, some elliptical, a little obtuse, others lanceolate, acute, narrow, undulate, wrinkled, irregular, sabre or scythe form, of a greyish green; buds, pointed, scales green; flower semi-double, depressed, 6.8 cm across, rose-pink. The variation in its foliage gave it the syn­onym ‘Heterophylla’ or ‘various leaved’. The name ‘Dahliaeflora’ has been invalidly applied to two other cultivars; an Italian one originated by Casoretti, which is properly known as Ignescens and an American one raised by Seavey in California. Synonym: ‘Dahlaeiflora Heterophylla’. Orthographic errors: ‘Dahliae­flora’, ‘Dahlieflora’, ‘Dahlaeflora’, ‘Dahleaeflora’.


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Blooming Season United Kingdom