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Henri Favre

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Year Published/Registered1839

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Henri Favre'

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Favre Henry  Baumann, Mulhouse Nursery Catalogue, 1841-1842, p.14. Orthographic variant for Henri Favre.

Henre Faure  Jose Maria Serra, Establecimiento de Horticultura Catalogue, 1855, p.67. Orthographic error for Henri Favre.

Henri de Favre  Journal d’Horticultura Pratique Belge, 1844, vol.2, No.2. Orthographic error for Henri Favre.

Henri Faber  Loddiges Catalogue, 1849, p.34. Orthographic error for Henri Favre.

Henri Fabre  Seidel, 1846, Pflanzen Catalog, p.8. Orthographic error for Henri Favre.

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» English Description

Buist, 1839, Camellias, p.8; Berlèse, 1840, Monographie, ed.2, p.125: This Camellia has oval-lanceolate leaves with acuminate apices, 13 cm x 6 cm, deep green, thick, deeply, regularly serrated. The flowers, 10 cm across, are full ranunculata form, of a salmon rose tinged bright pink, with long, numerous, lightly veined petals, regularly imbricated, concave on opening, becoming flat and reflexed. See colour plates Berlèse, 1841, Iconographie, pl.98; Ver­schaffelt, 1848, Nouvelle Iconographie, Book VIII, pl.IV. The camellia was obtained from seed by Mr Favre, Nantes, France, who gave it his own name. In 1839, Mr Cachet, horticulturalist at Angers, purchased the entire stock. It bloomed for the first time in 1840 according to Verschaf­felt, however Berlèse described the flower in 1840 and it probably first flowered in 1839 when Cachet purchased the variety. Orthographic errors: ‘Henri de Favre’, ‘Henri Fabre’, ‘Henri Faber’, ‘Henri Fabvre’, ‘Henri la Favre’, ‘Henry Favre’, ‘Henry la Favre’, ‘Henry Fabre’, ‘Henri Faure’. Synonyms: ‘John Laing’, ‘John Lang’.


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