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Year Published/Registered2019

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia 'Molène'

Chinese Name:默赖恩

Japanese Name

Meaning: named for the small island in western Brittany


» English Description

Molène (C.hybrid) European Reg. No. 146.  Unknown hybrid chance seedling, which first bloomed in 2008.  Grown by René Laot, of Saint Thonan, Brittany, France, and registered by Alain Stervinou, of Milizac-Guipronvel, Brittany.  It is named for the small island in western Brittany, located between the Finistère northern peninsula and Ouessant Island. The plant is fastigiate and slow-growing, with floriferous blooming in mid-season.  Flower buds are lanceolate and purplish green. The medium-sized semi-double flowers are cup-shaped, with an average 12-18 petals and occasional petaloids.  The flowers and petaloids are pink (RHS 68C group), Stamens are tubular, with yellow anthers and white filaments.  Spent blooms fall whole.  Leaves are of medium size, dull dark green, elongated lanceolate, with slightly recurved margins.


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Blooming Season France