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1001 Summer Nights Jasmine

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Chosen by Pat Short


CountryUnited Kingdom

Year Published/Registered2021

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia '1001 Summer Nights Jasmine'

Chinese Name:1001夏夜茉莉花

Japanese Name



Yulan01  original tentetive name.


» English Description

1001 Summer Nights Jasmine (C. azalea x C. reticulata) European Reg. No. 166.   International Camellia Journal  2021, No.53, p.29.   Cross between unnamed seedling of C. azalea ( C. changii ) x 'Dr . Clifford Parks', seedling of 2006. Originated by Palm Eco-town Development Co., (Guangzhou, China). Introduced by Thompson & Morgan garden company (UK) in its 2020 autumn catalog. The plant is compact, bushy and dense, of rapid growth habit. Glossy green foliage. Flowers are semi-double, large, varying from light pink to bright red. Blooming time: early summer to late autumn. Good garden performance, tolerant to full sunlight conditions. 

» Chinese Description

1001夏夜茉莉花 (C. 1001 Summer Nights Jasmine)欧洲茶花登录号:166号。《国际山茶花杂志》 2021年第53期第29。种间杂交品种,C. azalea x C. reticulata ‘Dr. Clifford Parks'2001年由中国棕榈生态城镇发展有限公司培育,育种参考名玉兰1号(Yulan01)。 由英国的Thompson & Morgan garden company在其2020年秋季目录中推出。植株紧凑、枝叶稠密,具有快速生长的习性。叶绿色,有光泽。花半重瓣,大,从淡粉色到鲜红色不等。开花时间:初夏至深秋。良好的花园表现,耐充足的阳光。


Flower Size10-13 cm

Blooming Season4-9 Month United Kingdom