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Year Published/Registered1953

Cultivar Type:For Tea

AGM Type

Scientific Name:Camellia sinensis var. assamica 'Akane'

Chinese Name:赤根

Japanese Name:赤根 あかね



鹿アッサム交配132号  旧系統名:鹿アッサム交配132号

茶農林15号  農林認定品種(茶農林15号)


» English Description

Akane. (C. sinensis var. assamica). Registered in 1953. Cross combination: Ai2 x Nka03. Use for Black tea. Kagoshima Pref.

[Agriculture registration] Tea Norin 15

[Product registration] None

[Characteristics] An excellent variety of black tea with a bright red color and a strong astringency, but a good aftertaste.

[Developer] Kagoshima Prefectural Tea Experiment Station (Kagoshima Prefectural Agricultural Development Center Tea Industry Department)

[History] In 1935, at the Kagoshima Agricultural Experiment Station, mating was performed with the introduced species Ai21 from India as the mother and the native species Nka03 from Kagoshima as the father, and selected from the seedling groups in 1939. From 1942 to 1952, it was tested in an excellent black tree determination test for black tea, and was recognized as excellent and was named Deer Atssum Mating No. 132. In 1953, it was registered as Tea Norin 15 and was named'Akane'.

[Early] Mesozoic species. The germination period is about 2 days earlier than'Yabukita' and the plucking period is 1-2 days earlier.

[Morphological characteristics] The tree shape is intermediate, the tree vigor is strong, and the planting is good with the tea buds at the time of plucking. The number of buds is slightly high, and the one hundred bud weight is a dog bud heavy type breed. Medium cold resistance.

[Cutting rooting] Inferior to'Yabukita*' and slow growth.

[Good or bad initial growth] Since early growth is slow, carefully control the young tree stage. Good growth after the garden.

[How to tailor young trees] According to'Yabukita'.

[Yield] Somewhat high. It's almost the same as'Yabukita', but more than'Benikara'.

[Quality] The quality of black tea is good. The light blue color is bright and strong and good. The scent has a strong Chinese aroma. Good taste, good fermentability 0

[Cold resistance] Cold resistance in winter is moderate to slightly weak. Medium for laceration type freezing.

[Insect resistance] Strong against anthrax and ring spot disease. Slightly strong against stag beetles.

[Cultivation area] Kyushu, a warm area in Shikoku.

[Processing characteristics] Light blue.  The golden ring force appears along the inner edge of the bowl.

» Japanese Description

Akane   赤根     あかね    旧系統名:鹿アッサム交配132号。公表日:1953。 紅茶用1953年登録農林認定品種(茶農林15号)交配組み:Ai2×NkaO3。鹿児島県。


















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