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Alfredo Moreira da Silva

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Year Published/Registered1955

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

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Scientific Name:Camellia japonica 'Alfredo Moreira da Silva'

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Alfredo M. da Silva  Haskins Nursery Ltd Catalogue, 1964. Abbreviation for Alfredo Moreira da Silva.

Boriera da Silva  Try, 1966, RHS, The Rhododendron and Camellia Yearbook, p.151. Orthographic error for Moreira da Silva.

Moreira da Silva  (C.japonica), Ferreira & Celina, 2000, O Mundo da Camélia, p.99 with colour photo; Bright red semi-double with broad, heavily fimbriated petals. Medium to large size. Flowers mid-season to late. Abbreviation and widely used name for Alfredo Moreira da Silva.


» English Description

Joaquim Moreira da Silva,"Camellias in Portugal", American Camellia Yearbook, 1955, p.74: " ...I have one cross between the varieties D. Jane Andressen and Contessa Lavinia Maggi that I consider to be a very good one. The flowers are semi-double; the petals are red, streaked inside with white. The fimbriations are similar to, but larger than, those observed on Fimbriata. In homage to my father, I have given to this plant the name Alfredo Moreira da Silva.”   Alfredo Moreira da Silva & Filhos, Catalogue Nº94, 1959-1960, Ref.101, p.23: "Carmine orange color, wavy and serrated petals". Alfredo Moreira da Silva, Catálogo Nº97, 1962-1963, p.27, changed the color to: Vermelho alaranjado, pétalas onduladas e recortadas. (Orange-red, wavy petals and serrulated).” Alfredo Moreira da Silva Catalogue No.106, 1971-1972, p.26: "Vermelho-alaranjado, pétalas onduladas e recortadas na segunda floração.(Orange-red, wavy petals and serrulated in the second blooming)".  Abbreviation ‘Alfredo M. da Silva’.


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Blooming Season Portugal