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António Assunção

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Year Published/Registered2015

Cultivar Type:For Ornamental

Scientific Name:Camellia reticulata 'António Assunção'

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International Camellia Journal, 2015, p.118;  Reg. No. 108.  Originated, registered and propagated by António Assunção, Rua Bela Vista no 156, Candoso St. Tiago, Guimarães, Portugal. Raised seven years ago, first flowered in 2010. Female parent C. reticulata ‘Damanao’, male parent not known. Propagated by graft. Grown outdoors, the growth rate is rapid and the growth style is bushy and dense. It flowers mid-season. Flowers red, semi-double, hose-in-hose form, 140-160 mm, 18 to 20 petals. Buds oval. Stamens sprayed, filaments white, anthers yellow with 2/3 white petaloids. Leaves 120 x 60 mm, dark green, curled with recurved and serrated margins. Flowers mid-season, flowering period average.